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The Red Issue

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Chróma is a magazine about colour, and it is this which unites the photographers, artists, poets and writers that have contributed to this issue.

Our first issue explores red; a colour particularly relevant now. 2017 has been a year of blood, shootings, wild-fire and extreme politics. Not only does this issue deal with the darker side of red: the problems that surround the meat industry and the difficulties that lie with the menstrual taboo, it also explores the beauty of red. We look at landscape, lipstick, love and gender. Delve into these pages and explore how far red has seeped into our consciousness.

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Ashley Armitage, Blaise Cepis, Carl- Emil Storm Gabrielsen, David Mirete, Ezekiel Santos, Filippo Minelli, Izaac Enciso, John Yuyi, Keegan Grandbois, Kevin Faingnaert, Laurence Philomene, Mary Chen, Rosie Matheson, Sophie Harris-Taylor, Tekla Severin

Cleon Peterson, Coco Davez, Darby Milbrath, Karl- Joel Larsson

Cheryl Lynn Smart, Chiyuma Elliot, Constantin Preda, Claire Booker, Daniel Bennett, Greta Bellamacina, Katie Munnik, Lesley Burt, Lydia Bowden, Paul Hawkins

Alexandra Renwick, Chris Campanioni, Colette Coen, Gwen Sayers, Lizz Brady, Marc Joan, Tiffany Morris, Victoria Briggs

Interviews + Interviewers
Kip Andersen, Tara Zic, Emma Phillips, Lola Young, Katja Horvat, Maayan Cohen

Graphic Designer
Stephanie Specht

Editor-in-Chief/ Creative Director
Emma Phillips